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Welcome to Dylan-Records website.  My name is Mark Roberts and I have been collecting autographs since 1972.  I started Dylan-Records Ebay Store in 1997 and I have sold over 5,000 authentic autographs and maintain a 100% feedback to this day.

Dylan-Records is a one man operation. I created the store, fill all the orders, and personally answer all emails. I also design each custom guitar. If you have an issue or question, I’ll gladly assist you directly.

I take selling and collecting autographs very seriously. Thus, I always use 3rd party authenticators to give you the peace of mind you desire when purchasing an autographed item. Autographing is a great hobby and great investment.

Please enjoy this website and if you have any questions please email 

Mark Roberts

PS. I will update this page with more info on me and my personal collection in the future.

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Photo - John Fogerty 1997

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